CSPL 405

CSPL 405 is self-paced and does not meet as a traditional course. You will upload your assignments into an online portfolio; see the suggested timeline to help you stay on track. Grading is Pass/Fail and is assessed at the end of the semester. You will receive ¼ credit at the end of each semester of enrollment based on completion of all assignments and requirements listed below. As per Wesleyan’s degree requirements, you may enroll more than once but may only count one full credit toward your degree.


Your portfolio assignments include:


  • Letter to Self

You will write a letter to your future self, to be read at the end of the semester, about what you hope to learn and accomplish during this period of time.

  • Long Form Resume

This is a version of your resume that includes everything you have done to date that could ever appear on your actual resume—courses, internships, other work experience, volunteer opportunities, extracurriculars, technical skills—anything and everything! By having all your experiences documented in one place, you will be better able to create versions of your resume for use for different audiences moving forward.


You will post short reflection pieces (aim for 500 words) in a medium of your choosing on the following experiences:

  • Two meetings with either your campus employment supervisor or one with the course instructor (pilot students only)
  • One appointment with a GCC advisor
  • Two informational interviews

You may choose to conduct these with Wesleyan alumni or other industry professionals in a career area of interest to you. For tips on getting started, see see the Gordon Career Center website or ask your career advisor.

  • Attend three (3) events sponsored by the Gordon Career Center

You can find dates and times for all GCC-sponsored programs in Handshake. Be sure to sign in when you arrive so your attendance is properly recorded. Examples include:

  1. An employer or graduate program information session
  2. A Cardinal Connection event
  3. Panel discussions with alumni
  4. A Career Trek
  • Reflections on Competencies

You should upload one reflection piece for each of the six I2P competencies. These reflections may be essays, videos, audio tracks, slide shows, multi-media pieces—it’s up to you! Answer this question: How has this semester’s student employment experience, coursework, extracurriculars, or other campus involvement allowed you to develop each competency?

  • Annual capstone

You will upload one capstone piece at the end of the semester reflecting on what you have learned and how your interests have developed.

We suggest that Ideals into Practice students also consider taking advantage of other academic and project-related supports that are available to them, including but not limited to: the Writing Workshop, the Presentation Studio, the Quantitative Analysis Center, the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship and the Jewett Center for Community Partnerships.