Digital Literacy


  1. Identify and use existing digital technologies, including social media, appropriately, ethically and efficiently to solve problems, complete tasks, and accomplish goals. 
  2. Continually assess own digital skills and demonstrate adaptability and eagerness to learn new technologies.  
  3. Demonstrate awareness of issues related to privacy, security, and copyright.   

Source: Bryn Mawr, AAC&U, NACE

Digital Literacy

Questions to consider:

Sourcing information 

Give an example of a time you used digital tools to locate information you needed to complete an assignment. How did you determine your research question? How did you evaluate the sources you chose? How did you know this was the most trustworthy information? How did you present the source in your work? 

Choosing and learning digital tools 

Talk about a time you taught yourself how to use a digital tool. What motivated you to do so? How did you go about teaching yourself?  

Give an example of a new digital tool you needed to learn to complete an assignment or solve a problem. Why was that tool the best one? How did you go about learning it? How did you evaluate its effectiveness? 


Describe a time you used a knowledge base and/or skill set developed in one digital area and applied it to a different project.