1. Build collaborative relationships with diverse colleagues and constituents to achieve shared goals. 
  2. Share information and knowledge with others, provide feedback, work within a team structure, adhere to ethical principles, and negotiate and manage conflict, both inside and outside digital environments. 
  3. Use interpersonal skills to coach and develop others. Able to assess and manage own emotions and respond appropriately to others; use empathetic skills to guide and motivate; and organize, prioritize, and delegate tasks. 
  4. Consistently fulfill obligations in a timely and satisfactory manner, take responsibility for personal actions and performance, and put team goals ahead of individual goals.

Sources: AAC&U, AAMC, NACE


Questions to consider:


Can you give me an example of a time when a decision you made had an effect on a group? 

Tell me about a time when you were surprised that an action you took, or a decision you made, had an effect on a group.  


Tell me about a time when you were working as a member of a team, and the team faced some kind of problem or challenge. Describe the task, the issue, and how your team resolved it. 

Building networks   

How have you expanded the circle of people you know since beginning college, both within and outside of Wesleyan? How have you been of service to this network of people? How have they helped you along the way?  


In what ways have you proven yourself reliable to those with whom you’ve worked toward a common goal?