1. The ability to express thoughts, ideas, emotions, arguments and data effectively and concisely through various media and modalities, including written, oral and visual communications, both inside and outside digital environments. 
  2. Listen effectively. Understand and respond according to context, including nonverbal cues. 
  3. Recognize potential communication barriers and adjust approach or clarify information as needed.   

Sources: AAC&U, AAMC, Bryn Mawr, NACE, Wesleyan


Questions to Consider:


Do you have a piece of writing, presented in any context, for which you are particularly proud? How would you compare your writing skills relative to your classmates? What kind of feedback have you gotten on your writing from experts like professors or editors? 


Have you had the opportunity to present information orally to a group? How confident were you about your content? Your personal presentation, including body language and voice modulation? How was the material received? 


How have you demonstrated the ability to take in information aurally? How confident were you that you understood the content and were able to explain it to others? 


Have you had the opportunity to communicate an idea visually, such as through a creative work, illustrative data, or other images? How confident were you about your content? Your presentation? How was the material received?