Below is a recommended timeline for portfolio progress for Spring 2024. CSPL 405 is self-paced, so when you complete and post on your assignments in your portfolio is up to you. However, there is a lot to do, so don’t wait until the end of the semester to get started! The timeline below contains weekly suggestions to help keep you on track. You will also find this in Moodle along with the course syllabus.

Week of 2/5: Review I2P syllabus and website. Watch portfolio set up and posting videos; set up portfolio and post letter to self and long form resume. Send link and password to Sharon Belden Castonguay. Check out upcoming Gordon Career Center events in Handshake. 

Week of 2/12: Meet with campus employment supervisor and post reflection on that experience. Attend GCC event and post. Start researching alumni with whom to do informational interview. Schedule first meeting with career advisor.

Week of 2/19: Meet with career advisor and post on that experience. Schedule informational interview with alum. Review Handshake for upcoming GCC events of interest.

Week of 2/26: Reach out to an alum of Wesleyan to schedule an informational interviewAttend a GCC event and post on that experience.

Week of 3/4: This week you should conduct your first informational interview with an alum and post on that experience. Continue to keep an eye out for a second GCC event to attend.

Weeks of 3/11 & 3/18: Spring Break

Week of 3/25: If you have been following my suggested timeline for completion, this week you should reach out to a second alum of Wesleyan for an informational interview. You may find it helpful to review the guidance on networking on the GCC website. You can find alumni profiles both on the industry pages of the site and in the Wesleyan Alumni Directory. And don’t forget LinkedIn!

Week of 4/1: This week you should schedule a second meeting with a career advisor.

Week of 4/8: Conduct second informational interview with alum and post on experience. Begin posting on I2P competencies. How have you been developing these skills this semester?

Week of 4/15: Conduct a second informational interview with an alum and post on the experience. Continue posting on I2P competencies. How have you been developing these six skills this semester?

Week of 4/22: Meet with your campus supervisor and post on the experience. Complete postings on the six I2P competencies.

Week of April 29: Upload your capstone reflection. Review your portfolio for completion.

Week of May 6: Make sure everything is complete and e-mail Sharon Belden Castonguay (scastonguay@wesleyan.edu) letting her know your portfolio is ready for review by Wednesday, May 8.