Steering Committee

The original design of this course, as well as the six Ideals into Practice competencies, were developed by a steering committee made up of Wesleyan faculty and staff during the pilot phase of the program, 2020-22. Members included:

Sharon Belden Castonguay, Executive Director, Gordon Career Center, Chair

Rachael Barlow, Associate Director for Assessment, Institutional Research; Instructor, Integrative Learning Project

Demetrius Eudell, Professor of History

Jeffrey Goetz, Associate Director, Center for Pedagogical Innovation

Elizabeth Hepford, Associate Professor of the Practice in TESOL

Nafeza Kingston, Assistant Director for Student Employment

Alyssa Beaulieu, Academic Technologist

Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret, Director, Language Resources and Technology

Chuck Sanislow, Professor of Psychology

Andy Szegedy-Maszak, Professor of Classical Studies

Amy Tang, Associate Professor of English and American Studies