Ideals into Practice (I2P) is a program that allows you to make connections between your academic curriculum and the practical experience you gain through campus employment, internships, community service and extracurricular activities. By allowing you to engage in deep reflection about the skills you are gaining throughout your time at Wesleyan, you will be better able to understand and explain to others how your education prepares you for life after college. In this way, Ideals into Practice integrates the work of the Gordon Career Center (GCC) with the academic curriculum to enhance your ability to translate everything you have learned and experienced into meaningful work. By completing the requirements for CSPL 405: Ideals into Practice, you will receive academic credit for your participation in the program. 

Ideals into Practice does not meet as a traditional course. Rather, you will gain access to an online portfolio for the purpose of reflecting on your academic and nonacademic experiences during your time at Wesleyan. As such, the course is self-paced. Students should be engaging with CSPL 405 on a weekly basis at minimum to ensure all assignments are complete by the end of the semester.