Getting Started

Thank you for enrolling in CSPL 405, Ideals into Practice. This course is self-paced and all your assignments will be uploaded into an online portfolio. This video will help you set up your portfolio, which you will create using WordPress.

To set up your portfolio for the first time, follow the instructions below.

The first thing you need to do is set up your account with Reclaim Hosting, Wesleyan’s vendor for server space to host your WordPress portfolio.

To start, go to

Click on Get Started and log in with your Wesleyan credentials.

You will be asked to choose a domain name for your portfolio website. You cannot change this once you’ve chosen one, so consider this carefully. Most people use some version of their name, though if yours is common and already taken you will be prompted to choose something else.

From here, you can access the Wescreates Dashboard, where you will click on the WordPress icon to install WordPress for the first time. Note that when accessing your Wescreates bookmark to edit your portfolio later, you’ll want to click on My Apps.

When you install WordPress, click on Install this Application. Then under Content, choose “I2P Template.” Next, check the automatic update settings. They should be set to “Update to new minor versions and security releases,” “Do not automatically update WordPress plugins,” “Do not automatically update WordPress themes,” and “Create a backup.”

Do not touch anything under the Settings header; they may be safely ignored, as you will be logging in through Wescreates.

When you’re done, click Install in the bottom right corner.

Remember, when you want to come back to your site later, go to and click on My Apps.

If you want to share your portfolio with someone else, share the top link.

If you want to edit or add to your portfolio, click on the middle link.

You will then be brought to the back end of WordPress. You will see a quick getting started guide that includes items like personalizing your site with your name and photo and password protecting it for privacy. There are also basic instructions for posting and uploading content.

To see what the template looks like, click on its name in the top left corner and <visit site>.

Congratulations on setting up your Ideals into Practice portfolio! If you have any questions, please e-mail Sharon Belden Castonguay at