The main components of Ideals into Practice include:

Career Decisions: From Insight to Impact

This online course, offered by the Gordon Career Center via Coursera, encourages you to think about how aspects of culture and identity may affect your decision making. A transcript of the animated course introduction video below is available here

Online portfolio

You will gain access to an online portfolio for the purpose of reflecting on your academic and nonacademic experiences during your time at Wesleyan. 

Cohort Meetings

You will be assigned a cohort of your peers so that you can actively engage with the course material on a weekly basis. Cohort members are responsible for scheduling their meetings and completing a weekly survey about your discussion and individual participation.

Personal Board of Advisors

You will give your faculty and career advisors access to your portfolio to help facilitate the advising process. However, you will be encouraged to add other professors, staff, work supervisors, primary investigators, athletic coaches and professional mentors so that you receive broad feedback on your skill development, personal narrative, and how you can best move forward to refine and achieve your goals.